Monday, June 28, 2010

Absolutely Pooped!!!

Yesterday started out in it's normal chaos. Procrastinating to get out of bed and get ready for church started it, as it normally does. We walked out of the door all with little attitudes. We apologized and everything was great from there. Typical Sunday morning...Satan tries everything he can think of to prevent us from going to church.

After church we came home, let Maggie take a nap and the boys go down to Joe's mom and dad's. After Maggie's nap, we went to Tanger Outlet. Shopped for just a few minutes then went to Babies R Us to buy Maggie's big girl nap. I have been quite excited about getting her this seat for quite sometime. Maybe it's because I did so much research on the "best" seat or maybe because it's a cow print. The lady at the checkout register said "that is the Lexus or Mercedes of car seats" so I was even more excited. We paid and came home. I got the seat out and begin looking it over making sure I knew how to operate it. Joe and I went out to the Pilot (yes! We traded in the van and got another black pilot, except this one is much better :) ) Here we are, in the hot hot sun trying to install this seat. I promise this is not the first convertible car seat I've ever installed but if you would have seen us, you would have thought differently. So, like I said, here we are in the HOT sun, getting extremely aggravated that we cannot figure this seat out. We get an attitude with each other and become quite snappy. Yes, it came with instructions but like I said...this isn't my first rodeo (I know, not an excuse.) FINALLY! We got it, duh...the instructions work! We got the kids and gathered in the pilot. Wait! Maggie's belt buckle was too far back! I told Joe I would just stay at home and he said, "it will be fine just to grab a bite to eat." So we did.

We got our food and got back in the Pilot. Joe made the comment about smelling poop. He asked if Maggie pooped and Bryce said that he had passed gas. So, we're heading home. I was riding in the middle with Mags when I look over at her and see that the bottle that she's playing with right next to her mouth. I grabbed the bottle and realized it was POOP! We made it home. Getting aggravated once again, thinking that we just spent a good bit of money on this "Lexus" car seat and Maggie has had a blowout in it. Of course, I didn't realize just how bad it was. I went to unlock the buckle when I see this big brown blob. EEEEK! Poop was EVERYWHERE! All over Maggie, all over her seat. I got her out, holding her at arms length. Joe is trying to get the boys and my niece Taylor inside, carrying all the food and turning off our home alarm. He came back to help me and just as I passed Maggie to him we hear PLOP! We look down and poop is falling onto our carport. So, I tell Joe to take Maggie straight to the bathtub. I needed to clean the carport off (flies are SO NASTY! They came right over!) so the poop wouldn't dry and needed to clean the seat off so it wouldn't dry on there. I got it all cleaned and went up to tend to Maggie. I walk in to the bathroom, where my niece and the boys were now watching Maggie and began choking. My boys had sprayed so much of our home fragrance spray from Bath and Body Works that I couldn't breath and it was all over the floor making it slippery to walk. I got the windows opened and the fans going. Now when I asked Joe to take Maggie to the bath I told him that it would be fine to keep her in her clothes. I was assuming that he would go ahead and run some water to make it easier for me. There is a reason we are not to assume. Maggie is in a dry tub, poop is all over the tub and she is crying. I get the poop off of her, let Joe take her in his lap and get the Clorox out to clean the tub. I get the tub cleaned and I'm running super hot water to make sure all the bleach is out and then run bath water to actually bathe Maggie. Joe says "I'm glad I put a pair of shorts underneath her since she doesn't have a diaper oooooon." Then I see him grabbed Maggie up and move her over as if she was....yep...peeing, and all over Joe and my bathroom rug. At this point the aggravation is at an all time high. All we could do was laugh. If you could only imagine what we went through in less than 2 hours.