Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009....20/20 style

We don't often get to look at our future and have a clear picture of what will happen but somehow, we get to see our past with 20/20 vision. Things that we could have done differently or maybe how evident God was with us. This past Sunday we were able to take a look at the life of our church throughout 2009. So Joe and I came home and took a look back at our 2009. What an amazing year it was for us. We had some pretty challenging times. I know it was in January when I was admitted to the hospital (9 weeks pregnant) with an inflamed and enlarged gall bladder, not able to eat or drink for a couple of days. God brought us through it. When our Pastor at church preached about being obedient to God. It spoke so clearly to Joe that he was finally baptized after 20 years of being a Christian. Joe was asked to be a Deacon and was ordained. We had our third child, our precious Maggie Grace. We were able to dedicate her on the same day that Granny (her namesake) Wilburn went home to be with the Lord just three years earlier, we were asked to be co-Sunday school teachers, the boys have basically accepted Christ, they were accepted into the Christian School that we prayed about for so long and so many other blessings. I am not one to ever talk about our accomplishments or to be boastful about things but it has been an exceptional year for our family and God deserves all the glory, honor and praises! I have often wondered why he has chosen to bless me beyond measure. Who am I? I am not a Biblical scholar, I was not raised in an active/praying Christian home (although my parents are Christians!) I didn't go to a Christian school. I am so thankful for the life that God has given to me. We don't live in a fancy home full of rooms and furniture, we don't drive luxury cars that cost a fortune to get an oil change, we don't own numerous houses or buildings, we don't drink elaborate wine at night (we don't drink at all for that matter!) We live in a home that is perfect for us in this season of our life. We drive cars that are perfect for us in this season of our life. But most importantly we praise our God for this season of our life. Joe and I have come so far this year. Please join me in prayer as we prepare for the upcoming year. So many are in difficult times and I pray that they will allow God to see them through it. I remind myself, If God can bring you to it, He can definitely bring you through it. I pray for all of my family and friends. May God continue all of His blessings and may you all see his miraculous works. God bless you all.