Friday, March 5, 2010

Isn't it ironic?

I love to update my status on facebook. At times I post things asking for prayer, thanking someone (most of the time my husband) or just things that are on my heart. I try to never post anything negative...I'm just not a negative person. I love life. With that being said, I recently posted a statement regarding my opinion of marriage. I believe that marriage is a promise made to God in front of friends and family that you will love, honor and cherish your spouse. In sickness and in health, for better or worse and for richer or poorer. I do not believe that a marriage is about the wedding (i.e., gifts, dress or party.) Well to my surprise, I began getting comments like crazy. The first being that I was full of (a word to be left to your imagination...but not a nice word.) A few others commented with "lol." Then one that really caught my attention...this person basically said that I am not a Christian. Went on to say that I lie about my life and need to get over myself. A few minutes passed and this person left more comments including that they better watch out or I would "sick prayer" on them and then called me a "Jesus Freak." How ironic! Now why would I "sick prayer" or be a "Jesus freak" if I'm not a Christian??? I'm a little confused. I never said anything to this person, simply because I felt as if I should just turn the other cheek. Then my sweet friends came through. One even stated that the devil was out hot and heavy that night and how true she was. The more and more I thought about what was going on I started realizing that not only was the devil out, he was dancing as others were laughing. All though my friends stood up for me as well as their beliefs I became ashamed. I should have responded to the comments. I should have told my friends thank you for your kind words but the greatest words we could say would be prayers to the Lord for this person. Oh how it saddens me that there are people out there that are so far from knowing Christ. How it saddens me that people think the way they do. I am so confused at the attacks that came my way but I know that God is always on my side and as long as I allow Him to direct my path, I will never stray...I just have to always allow Him. I'm not sure why I felt the need to write this blog, maybe for prayer and strength or maybe just to get it off of my chest. It has really bothered me. I've never before been attacked about my faith. I got just a small portion of what people in other countries struggle with everyday. I had one person upset about my beliefs (and for some reason my life) but there are people that have to hide their faith or they will be persecuted. I am so thankful that I am free to talk about my faith and free to tell others. I apologize to anyone and everyone of my friends that might have been offended by what that person said. I am extremely embarrassed by their offensive language and harsh words about Christianity.