Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How does the baby get out?

I've said before how inquisitive my boys are. Well I was watching "Deliver Me, Home Edition" the other day and they were showing a cesarean delivery. Bryce was quite amused at the site of this baby coming out of this ladies stomach. Once the baby was out he asked why it was "dirty." I am the kind of mother that tries to tell my children the truth in a respectful manner. If it's something that I think they're too young to understand I will usually respond with a generic answer. Such as this...the other day the boys asked me where babies come from. I don't think they are at an age to understand the concept of a man and woman being "as one" so I simply said that a man and a woman pray together and ask Jesus for a baby and if Jesus wants it to happen he will put the baby in the mommy's tummy. End of story all questions answered. Well after watching the "Deliver Me" Bryce had a few more questions for me. He does that. He will think about what he has just seen, give it time to process and ask all the questions he feels need to be answered. So he asked me if the doctor was going to cut my belly open to get the baby out. I told him the truth. I told him that the doctor might have to but I might have to push it out. This was not enough. "What will you push it out of?" Now, my boys know the obvious differences between a male and female...they know that females do not have "peepee's" as we call them. So I used that. I told him that when Jesus is ready for the baby to come out mommy would push it out of my place where their peepee is. If this is too much for some of you I do apologize. He looked at me as if he was about to throw up and said "EWWW! That's enough!" No more questions. Now Ethan on the other hand is convinced that Maggie is going to be born on a Tuesday or Thursday (one of the days they are not in school) and that we are going to take the baby to their school to show their teacher and then leave. He is having a real hard time understanding that he will be in Kindergarten and attending school everyday when the baby arrives. He's going to be disappointed. At least he got the baby sister he wanted.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's a girl!

This day could not have taken any longer to arrive. I made the appointment with my high risk specialist over 6 weeks ago. I knew then that it would take a while. They made my appointment for 10:15am however when I arrived they informed me that my appointment was actually 11am. We arrived at 10:05. Oh the torture! Finally at 11:30ish they called my name. So back went me, Joe and our little boys. The boys were so excited. They nurse began the normal routine for my ultrasound. She of course started at the head first and made her way down. She even skipped over the "special" area and went straight to the feet. FINALLY, she said ok, looks like you're having a GIRL! I couldn't believe it. Now, we were told around this same time when I was pregnant with the boys that one was a boy and one was a girl. I asked my nurse if she was pretty certain because I would hate to go out and register for things when it was actually another boy. She confirmed it again. The doctor came in and he also confirmed it. We have decided to name our sweet little girl after Joe's grandmother, Maggie. One because we love the name but mostly because Granny was such an amazing woman. Right after we had the boys she would call me almost everyday with almost the exact conversation...Granny would say..."I always wanted twins. I used to dress Larry (Joe's dad) and Billy (Joe's uncle) up like they were twins." She would call to see if I needed anything and just to see how we were all doing. She became pretty sick so the phone calls were few and far between but we were able to spend one weekend out of the month with her. Joe's parents took turns with the other brother's and sister's letting Granny come to their house to keep a better eye on her. She had this rolling walker that had a seat on it and she would let the boys sit on that seat while she pushed it. It's so comforting when the boys tell us they remember that. Sadly, Granny passed away on December 13, 2006. So in honor and memory of her we wanted to name our little girl Maggie. So our daughter's name will be Maggie Grace Wilburn.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too many boys!

We are hopefully going to find out what we are having on Thursday. I was telling the boys that we were going to get a picture of the baby and hopefully find out if they would be having a baby sister or another brother. Bryce just looked at me and said "It better be a baby sister because there are already too many boys in our house now. If it's not a baby sister we are just going to have to ask Jesus to give us girl next time." I told him that this was it that mommy and daddy would not have anymore babies and he informed me that mommy and daddy doesn't make that decision, Jesus does. With both of my boys wanting a baby sister I sure hope they are not disappointed if they have a baby brother. I guess we'll all just have to wait until Thursday to find out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dates and Alabama ambulances

Today when I picked up the boys from school the first thing they asked me before they even got in the car was if they could go to the park, of course putting me right on the spot in front of their teacher. So I did what any mother would do, I said.."We'll see." So they got all buckled up and I asked them how their day was. I got the usual response...It was good, so and so wasn't there, so and so had to sit in time out, etc. But this time they were very eager to end the conversation. When we got home, Bryce asked again if they could go to the park. When I asked him why he wanted to go to the park so bad he told me that he had arranged a date with another girl in their class. They had planned to meet at our local park at 4:00PM. Sadly, my boys did make it to the park but their "date" never showed. They of course were not disappointed. They simply said, "well mommy, we tried our best!" It was so precious. I am so thankful that they have made such wonderful friends in their class.

Ethan and Bryce are extremely obsessed with any sort of rescue vehicle. May it be a fire truck, ambulance, police car, police helicopter, or H.E.R.O unit, they just love them. They even like the tow trucks with lights on them. Everyday after school they beg me to take them to the Fire station so they can see all the fire trucks and ambulances. They even want to grow up to be paramedics. Today, coming home from t-ball practice we saw a H.E.R.O unit and Bryce immediately said "Look Mommy! It's an Alabama ambulance!" I told him it was a H.E.R.O unit and asked him why he thought it was an Alabama ambulance and he said because it was yellow and short. My boys are little Georgia boys!

Friday, March 20, 2009

What do you say?

My boys are quite inquisitive. They want to know what every sign on the road means. What words like adequately and dilerbertly, etc. means. They want to know telephone numbers (which they memorize) and how to spell things. I love this I truly do but when the questions become difficult I sometimes freeze up. They of course asked the wonderful question "where do babies come from" when we explained to them that mommy has a baby in her tummy. That was easy..."God gives them to us." That was enough for them. Well last night after leaving baseball practice we passed a small cemetery. The questions began..."What is that place with all the big rocks?" "Well" I said. "It's called a cemetery." "What is that?" "Ummm, it's where, well, you know how mommy said people die? That's where there bodies go." "But I thought they went to Heaven to be with Jesus." "They do, but they don't take their old bodies with them. Jesus gives us new bodies when we go to Heaven." "Well do dead people still have to go to the doctor after they die? Because they still could get sick." "No, they don't go. They don't have to go." "What about in Heaven? Do people still go to the hospital there?" "No, they don't have to." "Why?" "Because when we die, we will never get sick or hurt again. What would you boys like for dinner?" It ended there. There are just some times when I wished I had an easy button for when I get questions like these.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Allergic Reactions

With the budding flowers and trees and Spring right around the corner, I have noticed that it's starting to affect my allergies. It's also affecting the boys. They of course do not quite understand that the outside world is causing quite an ordeal. They do, however, understand what it means to be allergic to certain things. For them it's cats and dogs. They know what happens to them if they touch them. With that being said, last night I could tell their allergies were pretty bothersome. So out came the children's Zyrtec. Bryce took him after numerous questions..."what kind is it? Does it taste bad? Have I had it before? Can I get my juice first? Is it the clear king?" Ethan on the other hand looked at me with his big blue puppy dog eyes and very seriously said "Is it nasty because you know mommy, I'm allergic to nasty stuff!" I explained to him that Bryce had already taken his like a big boy and it was now his turn to take his. He then said "I'm allergic to everything Bryce likes." I did everything I could to keep a straight face. Kids will say anything to avoid taking medicines. It reminds me of myself when I was a little girl. At least they're not hiding the chewable Tylenol in the couch yet. Oh I have so much to look forward to.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First time for everything

So, I've thought long and hard about starting a blog. I really enjoy reading what others have to say and tell about their families so...why not. It's also a great way for me to keep all my friends updated on my family and of course, they new addition that is growing away in my tummy. As of this past Monday, I am 15 weeks. It's been quite a journey. The decision alone to try for a third child took over a year. For the first few weeks I longed to have that pregnant "feeling." I was all ready for what morning sickness had to bring. Little did I know it would last all day long. I'm not usually the one that will call to have the doctor prescribe something but this time was a little different. Then when I was about 9 weeks I began experiencing some of the most painful pains I've ever had. I gave birth to twins without any medication and the pain that I felt was a lot worse than any pain during childbirth. Joe took me to DeKalb medical (which is where I will deliver) and they sent me to the ER. Several hours later I was going home still with pain but no explanation of why. That all happened on a Friday night. Joe was leaving Sunday morning to go on the annual Dwarf House retreat. This year it was in Hilton Head, SC. So Sunday after he left I had to call my parents to take me back to the hospital while Joe's parents watched our boys. This time they kept me in their 23 hour holding room only to send me home once again with no explanation of why I was in such horrible pain. I went home Monday night and on Tuesday I had a follow up appointment with my OB/GYN and while in his office the pain was so intense I couldn't sit down or stand up so he sent me back to the hospital except this time it was for a minimum of an overnight stay. They finally were able to figure out that my gall bladder was inflamed and enlarged. So after some meds things were better and they sent me home. Since then things have been ok. Not great by any means, but definitely ok. I'm finally out of my morning sickness "stage" and can hopefully now begin enjoying what just a few months will bring. We will find out what we're having on the 26th of this month. They boys are really hoping for a baby sister. I hope they're not to bummed if it's another brother.