Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Such an exciting time!!!

After struggling with infertility and having extremely difficult pregnancies Joe and I prayed and felt that it would be best for us not to have anymore children of our own. Now that doesn't mean that one day we wouldn't adopt if that was what we felt God wanted us to do but for now, we're done! HOWEVER, I'm so excited! It seems as if everyone around us is either pregnant or adopting. I LOVE IT! What a blessing it is for so many! What a blessing it is for me personally!

Just the other night a sweet friend informed me that they had a daughter (she's adopting!) It's just so exciting to see how God's putting children in people's lives. Earlier that same day, another one of my sweet friends had me confirm her pregnancy test. She and I have so many similiararties with infertilty. We both thought that we would never be able to conceive a child on our own. However, God showed just how incredible His love is and how He is the ultimate physician and when He wants us to have a child, He will allow it to happen. Even when we are uncertain on just about everything.

God's love is so amazing. We don't deserve any of the blessings that He gives to us each day. We deserve death and yet He gives us everything, including life eternally. I serve an awesome God. I'm so excited for my friends! I'm looking forward to going to some baby showers and some welcome home showers soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Time slips away

I have constantly wondered if anyone even reads my blog and then I had people ask why I haven't updated it in a while. So this is for them.

Life has been busy. Ethan just earned his purple belt in Karate. Bryce had a piano recital and played "Amazing Grace." We are so proud of both of our boys. School is getting ready to start and they are going into the second grade. I cannot believe my little preemies are growing so fast. They're so different. It's like night and day different. Ethan is ALL BOY! He loves cars, trucks, sports, Bakugan, etc. He loves to fight and try new things. Bryce is more of my intellictual one. He loves books and music. I guess you could say he is more artistic. He loves to draw. He wants to learn how to play the guitar to go along with his piano skills. They were just Baptized on July 10 by our Children's Minister, Pastor Jason. They were given new Bibles to read and study.

Maggie is growing like a weed. She's quite the sassy one. She is a daddy's girl through and through. She will be two next month. She loves Elmo. She is starting to put words together to make sentences. She loves going to her grandparents house and really LOVES being outside. She loves to have her nails and toenails painted and knows that if she leaves the house she has to have a bow in her hair. I love it.

Joe and I are doing great. We were able to go to Italy just a few months ago. We went on a marriage cruise or maybe I should say sailing adventure. It was really awesome. I loved having time to ourselves to enjoy the beauty of Italy and the beauty of marriage. God has blessed us so much more than we deserve. His Grace is enough and yet He still gives us so much more than we could ever imagine. I love my husband very much. I'm so thankful to be married to a man that loves the Lord with all his heart. I know that I can follow him because he follows the Lord.

My friend Shanna and I have recently started a little business. It's called Faithful Stitches. We make all kinds of cute stuff. Bags, bows, appliqued shirts, monogrammed shirts. We do embroidery and even have stuff for the animals. We currently do not have a website but we have a facebook page. I love it. I love being able to work with such a sweet friend as well. She's not only talented but she also has a love for the Lord that is amazing. I'm loving learning how to do new things.