Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just an update...

How quickly things change! The boys are finishing up their last week of preschool. I cannot believe they will be starting Kindergarten next year. Joe and I met with their teacher, Mrs. Brenda, today to review their evaluations. She had nothing but good comments to say about both of the boys. She showed us how different they are in their learning skills but still both very bright. There are a few things we are going to work on this summer such as learning to read and tying their shoes (and for Ethan, buttoning his pants.) She said they are completely ready for kindergarten. I am going to truly miss Mrs. Brenda! She has made the boys first year of school the greatest! We have been so blessed to have had her this year and are truly going to miss her next year. With this being said we are currently on a waiting list at Creekside Christian Academy. We have decided that the public Elementary school our boys would go to is just not what we would personally want for our boys at this time and have felt led to send them to Creekside! Please join us as we pray that they will be accepted.
We also had another ultrasound today of Maggie. The last ultrasound we had we were unable to "confirm" she is definitely a girl. This for me has been almost a form of torture. We were told the first time that we were having a boy and a girl with Ethan and Bryce and of course that was not the case (and thankfully we found out in time.) So, ever since they announced we were having a girl, I've still wondered....could this be wrong? Well, it's definitely not wrong. She is a very healthy, active and growing little princess. She weighs a whopping pound and 11 ounces. I cannot tell you how much fun I've had shopping for a little girl. Boys are very easy which is nice but girls are just so....cute and frilly!
We've also been getting things done around our house. We finished painting Maggie's room (which was the boys nursery and then their "big boy" room.) We also just had our bathroom remodeled thanks to my wonderful parents. We put in brand new tile, new toilet, new sink, Wayne's coating and of course, fresh paint. The boys are in their former playroom and did NOT want us to paint their room (I did just about a year ago!) Their room is 4 different colors and they LOVE it. It's a slow process but things are finally coming together. I'm hoping to be able to post some pictures soon...first I have to figure out how.

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