Friday, May 29, 2009

The "Presidents"

The boys had their "graduation" ceremony yesterday at the school and each little K4 member came down dressed as one of our former presidents. They were absolutely adorable! Ethan and Bryce were the Bush's. I got a big kick out of this because when Ethan was a baby there was a contest that you could enter them in. The contest was which celebrity does your baby look like and I told Joe then that Ethan looked like a mini George W. Bush. Just too funny! Well Bryce was George Bush Sr. and his line of the skit was "Hi! I'm George H. Bush and there is NO BROCCOLI ALLOWED IN MY WHITE HOUSE!" If you remember correctly, George Bush Sr. was the first president to actually not allow a food in the white house. Well Ethan was George W. Bush and his little line was "Hi! I'm George W. Bush and I was the first president to have twins in the white house." He had twin baby dolls in his hand that he DID NOT like to carry. Up until the point where he had to show the dolls he kept them hidden behind his back. Bryce did have a sign that read NO BROCCOLI ALLOWED! The skit was so adorable!

I'm still shocked by this being their last day of school. Joe and I both cried yesterday watching our boys. We are so proud of them. I've had so many mixed emotions the past few days. I'm so excited for my boys and so proud of them. They were the kids that were timid of meeting new friends and now it comes easy for them. I am sad that this year has come to an end. Mrs. Brenda has been the greatest teacher for my boys. She's caring and compassionate. She's had a rough year with 11 kids and yet she still has a smile on her face every time I see her. I'm nervous about them starting Kindergarten (hopefully at a new school) and yet scared that they will not get in. I'm anxious to see them with their baby sister. I want my children to know that they are loved and how proud their mommy and daddy are of them. Maybe it's my hormones getting all out of whack.

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