Wednesday, July 22, 2009

34 weeks and counting

Wow, I wished I could say that time has flown by this pregnancy but finding out at 3 weeks only makes for a very long pregnancy. Adding on all the complications I've had and it adds even more time but it's coming to an end. I had a small scare the other day. I have a blood clotting disorder called Factor Five Leiden or Leiden Factor Five and basically when I have any added hormones in my body I am more susceptible to blood clots. During my pregnancy with the boys I developed a DVT and nearly lost my life and not too long ago a 23 year old woman lost her life to a blood clot just weeks after giving birth to her son so as you can see this is a very serious thing. I've been taking a blood thinner pretty much the entire pregnancy which drastically reduces my chances, however, it's still a possibility (and a very scary one at that.) With that being said I've been having a good amount of pain in my right leg (a classic symptom of a DVT) and thought it would be best to call my doctor. My doctor said he didn't think it was a DVT but to put both of our minds at ease to come in and be examined. So, thankfully I have an awesome husband, Joe came home and together we went to the doctor. He did a quick exam and praise God, no clot...just a very low baby girl sitting on not one but TWO nerves! She is so low that she is literally sitting on a nerve that goes down my right leg and she's also on my sciatic nerve causing lower back pain. Although it's extremely uncomfortable, I would much rather have heard this than a blood clot. I have another appointment next week and it's been suggested by one of the ladies that works in the office to ask for a scheduled induction. Only due to my previous history and of course my Factor Five Leiden. Please keep us in your prayers as sleep is becoming a thing of the past and the discomfort level is at an all time high. Joe is still recovering from his surgery so we look like two peas in a pod when we go out (he in his cast and me and my belly.) We joke all the time. He'll say try wearing a 5 pound boot all the time and I'll say try adding a 20 pound belly. Even through it all, we still give God all the Glory. We know that a child is a blessing and the end result is worth it all.

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