Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night we had orientation for the boys new school. Bryce was beyond excited whereas Ethan was a little hesitant. We get there and have an assembly where every couple minutes Bryce asked how much longer until he got to meet his teacher. We had already prepared the boys that they probably weren't going to be in the same class with each other. Something I was more worried about than anyone. I had requested them to be in the same class only this year due to all the changes in our lives that was taking place. They are changing schools and adding hours to their days. They are getting new Sunday School teachers, new Children's Choir teachers, Preschool Praise is starting up after a summer break and lets definitely not forget a new baby sister! I think that's so much for them to deal with at such a young age, however, I know my boys well enough to know that they can adapt to any change. Still for me, this was hard. As we walked with our friends to the first of four classrooms we noticed quickly that they weren't going to be in the same class with their dear friend Emily. A huge disappointment to both of our families but we continued down the hallway. We came to the second room where several friends were together but not our boys. We came to the third classroom and still...neither one of the boys were listed. At this point I'm almost in tears due to excitement. We approached the final classroom and the last two names on the list was Bryce Wilburn and Ethan Wilburn! PRAISE GOD! Our boys are together again. We met their new teacher and she seems extraordinary. She has a wonderful, bubbly personality and has a child in the same age so as a parent, she can relate to the other parents. I am so thankful for the gifts God has blessed us with. Here we were just a few short weeks ago, on a waiting list not even knowing if our boys would get in to this amazing school and now. God is so good.

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