Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Life with a newborn has been fun and hectic. School is in good and strong now and the boys are LOVING it. They've already learned numerous Bible verses, their vowels, small math problems, songs, poems, and are learning how to read using phonics and are writing their letters in the upstairs, downstairs, basement form. The school uses the ABEKA curriculum which I love! By the time they're in the 8th grade they will have the same education as a graduating 12th grader. They had their first field trip to the zoo and loved riding on the bus more than anything. I am still just so thankful that God made a way for them at Creekside. I as well as them just love their teacher. I admire her for handling 14 five year olds all day by herself. While we are on the boys, they just love their little sister. They are so wonderful with her. When she cries they go up to her and ask her what is wrong and that they are the big brother and they're there to help her. Speaking of the "little sister." Maggie is doing just great. She's getting bigger everyday. We took her to her one month check up and she has gained 3 pounds. I just love playing dress up with her. She's just so beautiful. She is already a daddy's girl. As soon as Joe comes home from work, her eyes get so big and she's looking all over until she finds him and then she just grins. She definitely has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Oh, and about Joe...this Sunday, Joe is being ordained as a deacon at our church. We got the phone call just a few weeks ago and was informed that he was nominated. Joe said this is the most humbling thing for him. Not only does he get to serve God but he gets to do it with our best friends (Chad and Sarah, of course just men are deacons.) It's a three year term and one I know he will enjoy. Just to see where we were 6 years ago. We were good people. We went to church on Sunday mornings and that was it. There was no Bible Study or personal devotion time. Ever since I came close to losing my life during labor we decided to give all we have to God because He gave it all for us! Our lives are blessed everyday and all though we may not understand God's blessing at the time we give Him all the praise. So that's our life in a short nutshell. I hope to have more time to update again soon.

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