Sunday, October 18, 2009

Joe was ordained

I am so proud of my husband! Just a few weeks ago he received a phone call informing him that he was nominated to be a deacon at our church. It's a funny story too...we along with our best friends were joking that each man would nominate the other. Simply joking! Then we get the phone call. Joe had thought at first that Chad took him seriously and even called to confirm, however, it wasn't Chad! So just a few days passed and Chad got a phone call informing him that he had also been nominated. Coincidence? NOPE! It's a God thing! So, Joe prayed over the decision. He had just told me that he wanted to become more active in our church. It didn't take much prayer before he felt the Lord's calling. On October 11, 2009, Joe (and Chad) were both ordained! It was, by far, the most overwhelming experience. They had something called "Laying on the hands" and that is where all the ordained deacons and ministers come and pray for the newly ordained. To hear these men come and pray over my husband (there were a total of 5 men being ordained and who knows how many praying!) My tears flowed like the Nile river! I am SO PROUD of my husband and to see where he has allowed God to lead him. It is truly an honor to be his wife! Joe does so much for so many. He's always had such an amazing heart, even when he's had every right to be bitter, he's been kind. And to put up with me, well that says a lot! It's very humbling to know that the church looked highly upon Joe as well as myself (as I had to be with him during the interview, whew!) We had our family and some pretty awesome friends there to support Joe on this very special night.

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