Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Angels

My boys began their baseball career last year at Salem Baptist Church. It's such a wonderful CHRISTIAN organization where they teach that winning is NOT everything but having fun IS! The boys love it and so do mom and dad. Well their coach, Coach Billy, started giving out game balls this year. Each game is different depending on how many balls there are to give out AND depending on how many excellent players we had. Well last night the boys had a makeup game from a game that got rained out. The game didn't start until 7PM and let me tell you, we had 11 tired boys in the dugout (poor dugout mom, but thank goodness it wasn't me!) I was so proud of my boys. They go out there each game with determination on their little faces and as soon as the ball heads towards the bat they close their little eyes and swing, something we're working on. So as the game ended, Coach Billy called all the little Angels (our team name) to the fence to announce the recipiant of the game ball for the night. He said that one little boy never got out and actually outran a throw to first base. Tried to get someone out at 2nd base and hit the ball. Was in the "ready" position all night. Then he gave the game ball to Bryce. The point of me writing this isn't to brag about my B-Man but to tell you how much confidence Coach Billy just gave to him. Bryce was smiling from ear to ear. He came home and took his gameball with him to the bathroom while he took his bath and then took his game ball to bed. This morning he had the show and tell bag at school and he was allowed to take 3 items. He took my ultrasound pictures of his baby sister, Maggie, a cell phone and of course...his game ball. His teacher asked him what he loved the most and he kissed his ball and said "my game ball!" He told me that he was so proud of himself for doing a good job and for giving it his all. And the sweetest thing, we told Ethan that he would get a gameball one day and he said that "it was ok, Bryce won it this time for doing good! I'm proud of him too!" I'm so proud of both of my boys.

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  1. Oohh what good sports!!! You really have a gift with those two boys..