Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy "late" Easter

What a great Easter Sunday it was. We've really tried to emphasize that Easter isn't about the Easter Bunny but about the EMPTY TOMB! We do, of course, have the Easter Baskets from the Easter Bunny but it's a gift. I help teach 4-5 year old Children's Choir at church and the main director has been teaching all the kids a wonderful song. The words are this: This is where they laid Him, the stone was rolled in tight. His friends were very sad when they walked home that night. But on Easter morning the stone was rolled away. The Angel said "HE IS ALIVE! Oh happy Easter Day!" Hallelujah, Hallelujah Jesus is ALIVE!" It has little hand gestures that go with it. To watch my boys sing it brings tears to my eyes. They looked at me after learning the song and asked if Jesus is alive, why is He in Heaven? I told them that Jesus lives in our hearts when we ask Him to come in. My boys are asking so many questions lately. I know that right now they're not ready to accept Christ into their hearts but I cannot wait for the day that they do.
Our sermon on Sunday was so wonderful. And of course, the choir got to sing some pretty awesome songs. My favorite was "The end of the beginning" sang by one of my friends, Holly. She is so talented and so passionate that she touches our hearts every time she sings. During the second service at church, she had everyone on their feet midway through the song. To see how much our church loves Christ literally brings tears to my eyes. You can feel His presence. You can feel His love. Then to follow it up with some good ole' preaching' just tops the cake. I love our church. I love my Savior. I love what He has done in my life. Life isn't always easy but He promises us that He will always be with us. What an AWESOME GOD I SERVE!

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