Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unanswered Prayers

Last night at Choir Rehearsal, our Choir Director told us to think about unanswered prayers. I cannot tell you how many times I have personally thought about unanswered prayers. It's funny to me because as he was sharing a story, I thought about how petty some of my unanswered prayers have been...that is until he shared a similar story. I can remember countless "boyfriends" with which things were not going the "right" way and remember crying and praying to Jesus that He would just make all things better and for our "relationship" not to end and 9 times out of 10 I was the one to end the relationship. As I sit here and think about those nights I cant help but thank God for not answering my prayers because He ultimately did. I remember one of my first prayers when I realized I was falling "crazy" over Joe. I asked Jesus to just give me peace. I had a boyfriend and Joe had plenty of girls that would date him. Joe and I were friends. He was the one I went to for advice and to listen to me. And then one night, sitting at the good ole' Forest Park Dwarf House I realized that this guy who had been literally my best friend had just stolen my heart. I needed peace. Peace to end things with one guy and start something with a guy that had been just my friend for so long. I tell people all the time that God has a funny sense of humor. It wasn't even two weeks after Joe and I began dating that he told me he loved me. He said it first! My heart melted and I knew right then and there that God had given me much more. Joe and I had arguments while we were dating, we still do (it's called a happy marriage!) but instead of asking God to make things better I ask God to guide me in the direction that is best for me. I have given my entire life to Christ and have allowed Him to lead me. I am so thankful for the unanswered prayers in my life because it has made me who I am today. And I am a very happy, very blessed, very loved wife to an amazing man who still to this day is my best friend and knows more about me than I know about myself. I am the mother to twin boys, that have followed in their daddy's footsteps and stolen my heart and soon the mother to a little girl. I have some pretty awesome friends and the most amazing church family. If you would have told me as a 16/17 year old in high school that this is where my life would end up, I'm not sure I would have believed you.

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  1. I could have never imagined where I would have been either. I think about this often - as in high school if some of my prayers had been answered - I wouldn't be here today. We may not be able to see at that particular time what God's plan for our life is - but if we stop for just a moment and look back - the path is so clear :)