Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another update

My oh my, how time is flying by. Things have been quite busy around the Wilburn household but then again, when are things not busy? We went yesterday to Creekside for our "interview/meeting" (we're still a little confused). The lady explained to us what the expectations were for the boys to start kindergarten there and I'm so thankful to say that they don't have much to work on! We got a tour of the school and the boys were ready to start right then and there. They're so excited and so are we to be able to have our boys in a Christian school. I am definitely NOT opposed to public schools but I'm just not very fond of the elementary school that our boys would go to. Joe has been trying to take things easy as he is preparing for foot surgery tomorrow. Joe was born with a rather large big toe and when he was 3 or 4 dropped a cO2 tank on it probably causing some damage. Well now he is dealing with the same injury as Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones. He basically has a bunion on his bone. They're going to have to go in, reconstruct the bone, put in some screws and who knows what else? He'll be on strict bed rest for 3 days and then will be allowed to add limited walking each day. The whole recovery time takes about 8 weeks. As for me? Well this past Friday we made the wonderful drive to DeKalb Medical Labor and Delivery. I had 9 contractions in an hour. Thankfully all is well and the contractions stopped on their own. Whew! We are not ready for Maggie right at this moment. My sweet friend Debbie just hosted a wonderful baby shower for me from the Dwarf House wives and other Chick-fil-A friends (family too.) Joe and I are so blessed to be apart of such an amazing group. We just love everything about CFA. Right now, I am taking things easy as well. I definitely do not want to trigger any more contractions. Thankfully I am 31 weeks and only have 9 more to go. As I think about my own pregnancy though, last week I found out that three of my friends had miscarriages. I've heard of literally 25 friends being pregnant and I know that a miscarriage is always possible but my heart aches for my friends. Three precious ladies, all with precious children already, excited about having another child. I just cannot imagine what they must be going through. Please pray for my friends. I would rather not name their names just for their privacy. The wonderful thing is they know that God has a reason for everything He does and they still give Him praise during this time. What wonderful examples they are to all of us. So I guess that's all that's new in the Wilburns way of life.

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