Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How does the baby get out?

I've said before how inquisitive my boys are. Well I was watching "Deliver Me, Home Edition" the other day and they were showing a cesarean delivery. Bryce was quite amused at the site of this baby coming out of this ladies stomach. Once the baby was out he asked why it was "dirty." I am the kind of mother that tries to tell my children the truth in a respectful manner. If it's something that I think they're too young to understand I will usually respond with a generic answer. Such as this...the other day the boys asked me where babies come from. I don't think they are at an age to understand the concept of a man and woman being "as one" so I simply said that a man and a woman pray together and ask Jesus for a baby and if Jesus wants it to happen he will put the baby in the mommy's tummy. End of story all questions answered. Well after watching the "Deliver Me" Bryce had a few more questions for me. He does that. He will think about what he has just seen, give it time to process and ask all the questions he feels need to be answered. So he asked me if the doctor was going to cut my belly open to get the baby out. I told him the truth. I told him that the doctor might have to but I might have to push it out. This was not enough. "What will you push it out of?" Now, my boys know the obvious differences between a male and female...they know that females do not have "peepee's" as we call them. So I used that. I told him that when Jesus is ready for the baby to come out mommy would push it out of my place where their peepee is. If this is too much for some of you I do apologize. He looked at me as if he was about to throw up and said "EWWW! That's enough!" No more questions. Now Ethan on the other hand is convinced that Maggie is going to be born on a Tuesday or Thursday (one of the days they are not in school) and that we are going to take the baby to their school to show their teacher and then leave. He is having a real hard time understanding that he will be in Kindergarten and attending school everyday when the baby arrives. He's going to be disappointed. At least he got the baby sister he wanted.


  1. Maybe Maggie will come on a Saturday!...or a Sunday and Joe won't even miss work!

    When Audrey was born, we brought her in the room to meet her new sister and I told her that the baby that was in my tummy was out and wanted to meet her....she looked at the baby, back at me, back at the baby, then back at me and said "Is there a hole in your tummy?"

    Gotta love inquisitive kids!

  2. Soo funny - Nathan thought that Ethan was just going to come right on up out of my mouth!! The way they process things! Hilarious!