Friday, March 20, 2009

What do you say?

My boys are quite inquisitive. They want to know what every sign on the road means. What words like adequately and dilerbertly, etc. means. They want to know telephone numbers (which they memorize) and how to spell things. I love this I truly do but when the questions become difficult I sometimes freeze up. They of course asked the wonderful question "where do babies come from" when we explained to them that mommy has a baby in her tummy. That was easy..."God gives them to us." That was enough for them. Well last night after leaving baseball practice we passed a small cemetery. The questions began..."What is that place with all the big rocks?" "Well" I said. "It's called a cemetery." "What is that?" "Ummm, it's where, well, you know how mommy said people die? That's where there bodies go." "But I thought they went to Heaven to be with Jesus." "They do, but they don't take their old bodies with them. Jesus gives us new bodies when we go to Heaven." "Well do dead people still have to go to the doctor after they die? Because they still could get sick." "No, they don't go. They don't have to go." "What about in Heaven? Do people still go to the hospital there?" "No, they don't have to." "Why?" "Because when we die, we will never get sick or hurt again. What would you boys like for dinner?" It ended there. There are just some times when I wished I had an easy button for when I get questions like these.

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  1. you have got to get the book Heaven for kids by Randy Alcorn ~ fabulous!! I love their thought process!!